STC Matale turns tables with historic Chairman’s Trophy win


The books of St. Thomas’ College Matale wrote yesterday in gold as the Thomians from Matale registered their first professional silverware in the oval sport defeating Carey College in the final game 7-0 to take home the Chairman’s trophy for the first time.

The Royal Complex opened up for one last time in this 2015 school rugby last afternoon in a search to find the contenders for the Chairman and Premier trophies after Science College took home the prized President’s title making history over the weekend.

The Chairman’s final  was Carey College and St. Thomas College Matale which started off in a passive note with both teams making fatal errors in ball handling and passing. This resulted in each other losing out opportunities in scoring in the first half of play where referee called lemons with both teams still to start their scoring for the day.

The second half seemed nothing different to the first where both teams failed on their basics but the STC captain opted to go for points on two occasions in the second half in an attempt to get his team up on points. But to their dismay, fly half Bandara failed at both instances. Poor decision making cost Carey  a chairman’s title as the Carey skipper opted to run three kickable penalties which would have put his team right on top. On the other hand, the Thomian skipper had the sense of at least trying for the goal posts at two occasions through his fly half but both kicks landed in no man’s land.

It was the Thomain #8 K. Herath who was the key man for the lads from Matale who posed the biggest threat for their counterparts as he mastered almost all of the breaks for his team. His efforts disappointingly went astray as STC failed to capitalize their final moves falling short of the try line.

STC Matale finally got themselves to the winning moment when fly half A. S. Bandara chased down his Carey counterparts kick at the try line and scored on the outside (5-0). Bandara continued his successful stint as he converted the 44m to take his team to 7-0 with less than 5 minutes to go in the second half. With no possible comeback drafted by their opposition, St. Thomas’ Matale took home their first professional title winning the game 7-0.

This win will no doubt be a morale boost for the Thomian team and they will definitely field in a revamped and versatile team in the upcoming season with intentions of reaching the highest possible peak in the sport. It wouldn’t be a wonder if we witness these lads making their way onto the top division soon.

Full Time 7-0  (1T 1C)