Havelock’s sports club made it to the top of the league after an elongated 30 year wait last year to clinch the league title after playing second fiddle to Kandy, CR&FC and Navy during the recent past. 

Last year the Park club boys, managed to make amends winning 9 out of 10 games thus claiming their rightful place at the top of the league table. 

A lot of credit needs to be given to the coaching team which comprised of experienced Samoan Tavita Tulagaese also known as ‘Laga’, former Sri Lanka and Havelock’s scrum half Leonard de Zilwa and fitness trainer Mothilal Jayathilake. According to reports, De Zilwa and Jayathilake have been contracted by Navy sports club for the 2013 season and have already begun training for the upcoming season. 

Ronny Ibrahim who was the coach of the Navy team during the least three years stepped down after the conclusion of last season due to personal reasons. 

De Zilwa, the former St. Peters College and Havelock’s skipper is regarded as a knowledgeable coach who has a lot of know how about the game while Mothilal Jayathilake is a renowned fitness trainer in Sri Lanka. He has coached many champion teams during his tenure with the oval shaped ball game both club and school.  

Both Jayathilake and De Zilwa were a part of the Sri Lanka sevens coaching team this year  and played a significant part in the team’s success. The inter club league tournament is scheduled to kick off in October while the sevens tournament will commence during June this year. 

Navy SC finished third last year in the league tournament and will look for an improved performance this time around. 


You missed Thusitha Peiris, the Spirit and the Drive of the Havi's Side... Coach and mentor to us All !!!!!!!

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Come on Lenard aiyaaa. mey para demu wadey

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