The ‘A’ division interschool rugby tournament will kick off early next year with the 1st match scheduled to take place on the 11th of March.

According to the Sri Lanka Schools Rugby Football Association the tournament has been bought forward by a month due to the customary Advance level exams in August. The division 1 group ‘A’ will feature 10 teams and the league tournament will span out for 9 weeks starting from 11th March to the 10th June.

The Division 1 group ‘A’ is packed with some quality teams with Dharmaraja College and Wesley College joining the fray. League champions, Isipathana College will play ‘B’ division runners up Wesley College during their first outing for 2013 while the ‘A’ division runners up, Trinity College will set up a hill side clash against 2012 ‘B’ division champions, Dharmaraja College.

The Peterites will host the Eagles during their first match in Bambalapitiya, while Royal College will host Science College. Kingswood College and St. Josephs College who finished the league at 7th and 8th respectively will play against each other in Bogambara.

The Division 1 group ‘A’ is packed with a number of high profile teams which are capable of laying their hands on the trophy.

Below is the match schedule which has been forwarded by the Sri Lanka Schools Rugby Football Association.


the isipathana -------- are going to lose badly this year come on dharmaraja.

pathana ponsReply | (94) | (92)

I am not an old boy of this (Best school of all) but very loyal and faithful supporter ever since i know what is the game of Rugby. I was and i am and i will be remain as aspiritual supporter of the Lions forever and ever. ""GO TRINITY ""GO"


NaushadReply | (108) | (97)

Pure skill coupled up with sheer gut was the ultimate story of the 'Peterite 5 Man Team' who fought like a pack of tigers at the eleventh hour in the blockbuster unfolded this evening. The moment the Petes duo were yellow and red carded, writing was on the wall, despite the slender lead of 12 to 10 in favor of Petes. However, how can you deny that miracles don't happen and things aren't sent from the heavens all of a sudden to change a definite result of an event.

The glory moment arrived as the gutty 'Peterite 5 Man Team' defended like the 'Great Wall of China' by not allowing the Green Machines to breach the defensive wall with only 5 men on the field - laudable factor in deed. Green Machine never relaxed and unleashed a ferocious - as usual - a relentless waves of attack - one after the other - with the sole intention of being labeled as 'Champs of 7's Arena 2013'.

However, Petes' wall of defense stood tall and strong to spoil a probable glory march of Green Machine. Whilst, sadly though, players getting involved with mild fights are not abnormal scenarios in a 'macho' game like rugby, the agony is the spectator involvement of on-field matters. A capable referee and a two eagle eyed linesmen are watching every move of players and they play the 'guardian angel role' of the match with a complete control - not the spectators.

I firmly believe that Isipathana spectators should take to the class room in learning these behavioral aspects, as the same behavior will be inculcated in the young mindsets of students who will be taking the driving seat of the country after a couple of years from now. One spectator - clad in all black attire - was so brave to go on the field twice and threaten in front of the officials, a chock-a-block crowd and the Police also the Pete boys who were in the middle. What an indecency and I feel sorry for him if he has already been blessed with the parenthood and the agony of his own son or daughter !!!! After several attempts and many advice by the officials of SLSRFU, Police had to intervene, as the last option, to escort him even from the spectator area - Just down the podium of RC complex.

Seemingly, hooliganism which has been mastered over the years, is still being continued which will dilute the gloss of this marvelous sport - Rugby - in Sri Lankan context.

Food for thought Isipathana as this is just the start of the season !!

Chaminda SembukuttiarchchiReply | (116) | (98)

Mr.kithsiri its antonians nt anthonians...wl c tht..sir cn i knw whch team u r supprtn?

ShenalReply | (113) | (97)

Anthonians will be in B' Division -year 2014 !!!

KithsiriReply | (120) | (87)

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