Dialog Rugby 2013


Schedule of the Dialog Clifford Cup Knockout 2013/14

Quater Final
4627-FebNavy SCVsAir Force SCRace CourseReplay55-03Match Report
4728-FebUpcountry LionsVsCR & FCRace CourseReplay51-19 
4801-MarKandy SCVsPolice SCPallekelleReplay41-30Match Report
4901-MarHavelock SCVsArmy SCRace CourseReplay29-14Match Report
Semi Final
514-MarNavy SCVsUpcountry LionsRace Course 35-25Match Report
525-MarKandy SCVsHavelock SCRace Course 22-16Match Report
569-MarNavy SCVsHavelock SCRace Course 27-22Match Report

Points Table & Schedule of the Dialog Rugby League 2013/14

Points Table – Dialog Rugby League


1Navy SC1414007071542605412101080
2Kandy SC1411035582492115742161267
3Havelock SC1411035567381114462611065
5C R & F C14608304128291349375737
6Army SC1450925493362335364732


1Police SC12606303721141272318636
2Air Force SC12318182815171224440321
4CH & FC1210115251816020769227

Results – First Round 15th November 2013 to 19th January 2014

 DateHome VisitingVenueTimeResult 
1st Week
123-JanHavelock SCVsHSC SharksHavelock Park Replay68-17Match Report
216-NovSL Navy SCVsSL Air Force SCWelisara 33-03Match Report
316-NovUpcountry LionsVsCR & FCNawalapitiya Replay45-12Match Report
416-NovKandy SCVsCH & FCNittawala 69-03Match Report
518-NovSL Army SCVsSL Police SCArmy Grounds 15-14Match Report
2nd Week
623-NovCR & FCVsKandy SCLongdon PlaceReplay 15-29Match Report
723-NovSL Army SCVsUpcountry LionsArmy Grounds  22-20Match Report
823-NovSL Navy SCVsSL Police SCWelisara  46-10Match Report
924-NovCH & FCVsHavelock SCMaitland Cresent Replay 20-59Match Report
1024-NovHSC SharksVsSL Air Force SCHambanthota  13-13Match Report
3rd Week
1130-NovHavelock SCVsSL Air Force SCHavelock Park 48-08Match Report
1230-NovHSC SharksVsSL Police SCHambanthota 09-12Match Report
1330-NovUpcountry LionsVsSL Navy SCNawalapitiya 15-24Match Report
1430-NovCH & FCVsCR & FCMaitland Cresent Replay10-81Match Report
151-DecKandy SCVsSL Army SCNittawala Replay38-25Match Report
4th Week
166-DecSL Air Force SCVsSL Police SCRathmalana 11-20Match Report
177-DecHavelock SCVsCR & FCHavelock ParkReplay29-23Match Report
187-DecHSC SharksVsUpcountry LionsHambanthota 06-30 
198-DecSL Army SCVsCH & FCArmy Grounds 40-14Match Report
208-DecKandy SCVsSL Navy SCNittawalaReplay14-21Match Report
5th Week
2113-DecHavelock SCVsSL Police SCHavelock ParkReplay27-06Match Report
2214-DecCR & FCVsSL Army SCLongdon PlaceReplay24-14Match Report
2314-DecSL Air Force SCVsUpcountry LionsRathmalana 28-36Match Report
2414-DecCH & FCVsSL Navy SCMaitland Cresent 10-85Match Report
2515-DecKandy SCVsHSC SharksNittawalaReplay48-06Match Report
6th Week
2620-DecHavelock SCVsSL Army SCHavelock ParkReplay20-08Match Report
2721-DecCR & FCVsSL Navy SCLongdon PlaceReplay27-31Match Report
2821-DecCH & FCVsHSC SharksHambanthota 20-47Match Report
2922-DecSL Police SCVsUpcountry LionsPolice ParkReplay22-39Match Report
3022-DecKandy SCVsSL Air Force SCNittawala 93-05Match Report
7th Week
313-JanSL Navy SCVsSL Army SCWelisara 31-13 Match Report
324-JanSL Police SCVsKandy SCPolice ParkReplay06-62 Match Report
334-JanHSC SharksVsCR & FCHambanthota 12-24 Match Report
344-JanHavelock SCVsUpcountry LionsHavelock Park Replay36-25 Match Report
355-JanCH & FCVsSL Air Force SCMaitland Cresent 22-27 Match Report
8th Week
3610-JanSL Army SCVsHSC SharksDiyagama 26-03 Match Report
3711-JanUpcountry LionsVsKandy SCNawalapitiya 13-34Match Report
3811-JanSL Navy SCVsHavelock SCWelisaraReplay21-17Match Report
3911-JanSL Air Force SCVsCR & FCRathmalana 13-36Match Report
4012-JanCH & FCVsSL Police SCRoyal Complex Replay36-20Match Report
9th Week
4117-JanSL Navy SCVsHSC SharksWelisaraReplay43-06Match Report
4218-JanHavelock SCVsKandy SCHavelock ParkReplay34-17Match Report
4319-JanUpcountry LionsVsCH. & FCNawalapitiya 123-11Match Report
4419-JanSL Army SCVsSL Air Force SCDiyagama 60-30Match Report
4519-JanSL Police SCVsCR. & FCPolice Park 31-27Match Report
10th Week
4623-JanArmy SCVsNavy SCDiyagamaReplay71-43Match Report
4726-JanCR & FCVsHavelocks SCLongdon Place 17-22Match Report
4826-JanKandy SCVsUpcountry LonsNittwalaReplay11-46Match Report
4926-JanPolice SCVsCH & FCPolice Park 19-65Match Report
5026-JanAir Force SCVsHSC SharksRathmalana 34-25Match Report
11th Week
511-FebNavy SCVsCR & FCWelisaraReplay48-20Match Report
521-FebUpcountry LonsVsArmy SCNawalapitiya 21-17Match Report
532-FebKandy SCVsHavelocks SCNittwalaReplay33-25Match Report
542-FebPolice SCVsAir Force SCPolice Park 34-18Match Report
553-FebCH & FCVsHSC SharksCH & FC 39-34 
12th Week
568-FebNavy SCVsUpcountry LonsWelisaraReplay33-08Match Report
579-FebKandy SCVsCR & FCNittwala 44-00Match Report
589-FebArmy SCVsHavelocks SCDiyagamaReplay19-27Match Report
598-FebPolice SCVsHSC SharksPolice Park 22-21Match Report
608-FebAir Force SCVsCH & FCRathmalana 36-20Match Report
13th Week
6115-FebNavy SCVsKandy SCWelisaraReplay 34-18Match Report
6215-FebUpcountry LonsVsHavelocks SCNawalapitiya  25-29Match Report
6316-FebArmy SCVsCR & FCDiyagamaReplay 21-22Match Report
14th Week
6422-FebHavelocks SCVsNavy SCHavelock Park 13-20Match Report
6522-FebArmy SCVsKandy SCRace CourseReplay12-29Match Report
6621-FebCR & FCVsUpcountry LonsLongdon PlaceReplay17-30Match Report